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Photo - Xavier Beaumont

Xavier Beaumont Web Developer

Photo - Trevor Kjorlien

Trevor Kjorlien Web Developer

Photo - Pierre Villette

Pierre Villette Web Developer

Photo - Yves Lapierre

Yves Lapierre President and CEO

Photo - Michelle-Andrée Hogue

Michelle-Andrée Hogue UX Designer

Photo - Roula Issa

Roula Issa Finance Director

Photo - Amirouche Nourredine

Amirouche Nourredine Web Developer

Photo - Pierre-Paul Lefebvre

Pierre-Paul Lefebvre Web Developer

Photo - Valentin Backofen

Valentin Backofen Director of Technology

Photo - Diane Labelle

Diane Labelle Vice President, Operations and Human Resources

Ericsson Mexico :plugger, Mobile Site

Ericsson Mexico :plugger
Mobile Site

Virtual Leagues of Hockey (VLH), Online Game

Virtual Leagues of Hockey (VLH)
Online Game

WADA/FISU/GSUOC, Online anti-doping textbook

Online anti-doping textbook

Leucan, Web and mobile

Web and mobile

RDS/Phéromone, Multiplatform mobile application

Multiplatform mobile application

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Web Site

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
Web Site

Canadian Museum of Civilization, Online exhibits

Canadian Museum of Civilization
Online exhibits

Cooke Optics, Web Site

Cooke Optics
Web Site

Tourisme Québec, Travel Planner

Tourisme Québec
Travel Planner

VIA Rail Canada, Web site

VIA Rail Canada
Web site